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Biography of Tom Clancy

Full name Thomas L. Clancy Jr. (born 1947). American author of political thrillers heavily based on intelligence and military science concepts. His earlier books have a definite taste of the Cold War.

Whilst the literary merit of his books is disputed by many professional authors and reviewers (who regard Clancy's prose as pedestrian), most have been bestsellers. Fans of his work appreciate the well-thought-out plots and the attention to technical detail (helped by seemingly extensive contacts in the US military, perhaps encouraged by the uniformly favourable view of the American law enforcement and military communities portrayed in his work). The Hunt For Red October, Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger have been turned into commercially successful films.

In recent years, his novels have become more political, showcasing many of his conservative, pro-military and law-enforcement beliefs. In Executive Orders, his signature character Jack Ryan becomes President of the United States. Some Clancy fans have objected to this focus on politics rather than on the military subjects that his novels are famous for. Nevertheless, his books have continued to sell briskly.

Clancy has also written several nonfiction books about various branches of the US armed forces (see nonfiction, below.)

Books (fiction):

All but one of his 11 novels feature Jack Ryan and/or John Clark

  • The Hunt For Red October -- Clancy's first novel. Jack Ryan assists in the defection of a respected Soviet naval captain (Sean Connery in the movie), along with the most advanced missile sub of the Soviet fleet.
  • Red Storm Rising -- war between US and USSR (no Ryan or Clark)
  • Patriot Games -- chronologically first apperance of Ryan -- who saves the Prince of Wales from terrorists in the book, some other royal in the movie.
  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin -- first appearance of John Clark -- secret anti-satellite lasers, high-stakes diplomacy, spies and computer geeks.
  • Clear and Present Danger -- drug war in Columbia -- Ryan (Harrison Ford) and Clark (Willem Dafoe) finally meet; first appearance of Ding Alonzo
  • The Sum of All Fears -- Israel loses a nuke, which terrorists use to foment war between US and Soviets -- averted by Ryan in cliffhanger. Movie version coming in June 2002.
  • Without Remorse -- chronologically first appearance of John Clark -- Vietnam flashbacks, how he became a CIA agent (Jack Ryan's father introduced)
  • Debt of Honor -- Clark and Ding help Ryan avert (win?) a war with Japan, a Japanese pilot avenges his son's death by crashing his airliner into the US Capitol, killing the entire Congress, Supreme Court, and all but two White House officials, which segues into...
  • Executive Orders -- sequel to Debt of Honor -- Ryan propelled into presidency -- survives press hazing, assassination attempts and biological warfare -- Clark and Ding trace the virus to a Middle Eastern madman, and the US military goes to work.
  • Rainbow Six -- John Clark leads elite anti-terrorist unit and averts worldwide genocide attempt by environmental fanatics (no Jack Ryan) The Bear and The Dragon -- war between Russia and China, Ryan recognizes independence of Taiwan and US Airforce helps Russia defeat Chinese invasion.

Books (non-fiction):

  • Special Forces
  • Into the Storm
  • Submarine
  • Armored Cav
  • Airborne
  • Marine
  • Fighter Wing

Pick your favorite Tom Clancy book

  • Red Rabbit
    from Putnam Pub Group.
    This may not be one of Clancy's best, and it definately is a slow starter. It does have a predictable ending, however. In the middle, though, one is just not sure what will happen next. If you have read all of Clancy's books with Jack Ryan as the main character, then some of the information on...

  • Tom Clancy (Three #1 Bestsellers in One Collection: The Cardinal Of The Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger, The Sum Of All Fears)
    from Simon & Schuster.
    If your a Tom Clancy fan, This collection is for you. Included in this collection are The Sum Of All Fears, Clear And Present Danger, and The Cardinal Of The Cremlin. Believe me, this is one of the best collections of Clancy's works out there today! Definitely worth the money!

  • Rainbow Six
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    I recently read this book while I was serving in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. Since there was not much in the way of television, I had to read on my spare time. I am a huge fan of Tom Clancy's work, and his Jack Ryan series, but I must say, that John Clark is by far the better hero....

  • Without Remorse
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This book was fantastic. Never have I read a book, and become so angry with the villains as I did with this book. After reading what the drug dealers and pimps did to their working girls, and then what the Vietnamese did to the American POW's, I was hoping that Clancy would allow our hero to have...

  • Executive Orders
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This is standard Clancy with all the difficulties involved in setting the various storylines in motion and then following all to their conclusions.

  • The Bear and the Dragon
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Clancy has written better novels than this.
    The plot is quite good, but the execution in places is often unimaginative. At times it was like reading 400 pages of prolog.
    Unlike previous Clancy works, this work is rather...graphic in places.
    The battle sequences are well done and very...

  • Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces
    from Putnam Pub Group.
    This book sounds like it was written by two ego maniacs. VERY DULL READING.

  • Versus Books Official Guide for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
    from Versus Books.

  • The Cardinal of the Kremlin
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This is the first Clancy book I've read but I really enjoyed it. The CARDINAL is a highly placed Soviet war hero who's been spying for America for 30 years. Then the line is broken and the Americans feel the need for loyalty to get him out. It's maybe not as action-packed as some of his other books,...

  • Debt of Honor
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Tom must have the editors completely buffaloed at his publishing house. This book could have been shortened by half and not lose any of the impact. Debt of Honor presents countless characters, most of them two-dimensional and souless, half of whom were superflous. His glorification of the military...

  • The Sum of All Fears
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Let me start out as saying that I am a fan of Tom Clancy. I loved almost every book that came before this. Sum of all Fears is a very compelling story but this book could afford to lose about 300 pages. Does the reader really need to follow the path of a tree being shipped to Japan? Yes it does play...

  • The Hunt for Red October
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This realistic adventure hooks you from the very beginning to the end. While your not reading the book your thinking about future battles or the next idea Jack Ryan has to capture the typhon sub. The reader will be hooked tell the climatic ending.

    This adventure is about a rouge solviet typhon sub...

  • Special Forces: A Guided Tour of U.S. Army Special Forces
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    I am not a reader of Tom Clancy's novels. This is not one of Clancy's novels. This is a biography of the United States Army's Special Forces unit. i have done a lot of reading of numerous U.S. military elite units, but never done too much on the Army's SOF.

    This is a very well researches and...

  • Patriot Games
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    The book's last 50 pages are action-packed and great, but at 500 pages this book is a slightly long read. Those first 450 pages set up the ending perfectly, however. Great book, but be ready to sit through hundreds of pages of introduction before the real action.

  • Red Storm Rising
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Islamic radicals destroy a Soviet oil refinery to the point that an oil shortage threatens the Soviet economy. The USSR attacks NATO as a ploy to distract them from a planned attack on the Middle East and thus begins WWIII.

    While I enjoyed this book very much it was quite depressing until NATO...

  • Bio-Strike (Tom Clancy's Power Plays, 4)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This book was a terrible book. The content was pretty boring at most times. This was nothing like the Sum of All Fears, or Patriot Games. I only liked brief parts of it. Hey Tom! Pick up the pace!

  • Carrier: A Guided Tour of an Aircraft Carrier
    from Penguin USA (Paper).
    This is just a wonderful book on the topic. Clancy and co. have done a great job of taking the reader through the ships in question and really explaining the different types, parts, and jobs associated with an Aircraft Carrier. Clancy also does a good job in explaining what it is like to live and...

  • Net Force
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    The author, Tom Clancy, is known for being a military technology buff, and porting his love over to his novels. Originally an insurance broker, he wrote his first novel, The Hunt For Red October in 1984. From then on, he's been well known for being an excellent military writer as well as creator of...

  • Clear and Present Danger
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Clear and Present Danger is one of Tom Clancy's better Jack Ryan novels. The character development and story of Clark and Ding overshadows even the always interesting Jack Ryan. The action is almost constant (as is typical with Clancy books, the details can bog a reader down at times), and even...

  • Night Moves (Tom Clancy's Net Force, No. 3)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Save your money or read it for its stupidity

  • Point of Impact (Tom Clancy's Net Force, 5)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This is the second book I have read from the series and it did not let me down. It was amazing. I just could not put it down. The characters are just GREAT! I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants action and some great characters. Hope you get and enjoy the book.

  • Airborne: A Guided Tour of an Airborne Task Force
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Being a former 82nd Airborne Division Paratrooper I was very disapointed with the contents of Mr. CLanceys book. For all the history that the 82nd has very little of it was covered in this book. He also failed to cover much of the 82nds current capbilities and possible uses. In fact at times I felt...

  • Hidden Agendas (Tom Clancy's Net Force, No. 2)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    First thing to establish is Tom Clancy did not write this book. I don't know why he puts his name on it, but the "Net Force" books are OK if you want something that is easy to read and doesn't make you think too hard.

    The books are best read in sequence - I made the mistake of buying "Night...

  • State of War (Tom Clancy's Net Force, No. 7)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.

  • Breaking Point (Tom Clancy's Net Force, No. 4)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Occasional bits of good writing in describing the thinking processes of some of the characters, but otherwise bland. A friend who read it broke out howling with laughter at a scene in which various characters shoot it out in pitch blackness in the middle of a June night. I asked him what was so...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mission of Honor
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This recently added story to the "Op-Center" series was all right at points. This is the only "Op-Center" book I have read, but it has quite a few moments of high tension, but there are points where it drags and I constantly got lost. The end of the story was quite unusual and awkward. It sort of...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Line of Control (Tom Clancy's Op Center Series, Volume 8)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This is the 1st book of the op-centre series that I have read, and I was a bit surprised to learn that it was not written by Tom Clancy but by Jeff Rovin. However, the book has got elements of Tom Clancy like the realistic scenarios, unbelievable action and of course- Thrill. But this can't cover up...

  • Shadow Watch (Tom Clancy's Power Play, 3)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Start reading it only if you get it for free! Read the first 60 pages and ask someone to tell one what else happenes. It will take him around 1.2 seconds to do so. It's not worth 200+ pages.

  • Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This is one of the better books in this Tom Clancy series, especially if you are interested in the subject. One interesting observation is that in Tom's interview of Chuck Horner, General Horner comes off quite badly, especially in comparison to the parallel John Warden interview. Colonel Warden is...

  • Into the Storm: A Study in Command
    from S&S audio.
    This book describes General Fred Franks' life and especially his experiences during Desert Storm, the war in the Persian Gulf to kick Iraq out of Kuwait.

    To really like this book you need to be a bit of a military fanatic. Fred Franks repeats so many times how wonderful it is to be a soldier, and...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Divide and Conquer (Tom Clancy's Op Center)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    A good thriller but missing something. This was not up to the normal Op-Center books, in my opinion. While it has a good story line it seemed to be off.

    in this story Paul Hood ends up seeking help from is Op-Center counterpart in Russia to help hunt down the notorious assassin the "Harpooner". At...

  • Tom Clancy's Power Plays: Cutting Edge (Power Plays, 6)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    This book is a very poor book with a very poor plot and is devoid of any imagination. It is badly written and the characters lack credibility. The only reason it merits a 1 in my opinion: no lower score was listed in the choices available to this reader. I am disappointed that Tom Clancy would lend...

  • Marine: A Guided Tour of a Marine Expeditionary Unit
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Despite of what a few isolated army airbore loonies might claim this book is quite informative and gives a good account of the most active section of our military today.
    The Marine Corps continues to serve it's purpose and this book describes the most media-visible aspect of it.
    If the army...

  • Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    It is simply not good enough. It's easy to read, sentence for sentence, but it's actually the worst submarine book I've bought, and amoung the worser I've read. Sudden statements are made, without any substantiation or reference. (Ibid. is worser than none, as it just reduce readabilty.) Some of the...

  • Every Man a Tiger
    from S&S audio.
    Clancy really did a good job with this book. I have also read the first book in this new series he is putting out "Into the Storm - A Study in Command" and I have to say that this book is much better. One would think that as it is the second book, maybe he learned how to put together a non-fiction...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Mirror Image
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Negatives: Would have rather the enemy not been the easy Nazi target, just because it is too predictable to use any more in my opinion, but

    Positives: This was very well written. The way it flowed it really made me want to continue on. Use of gadgetry was studied, believable and just interesting....

  • Armored Cav: A Guided Tour of an Armored Cavalry Regiment
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    If you have read any of the other books in the series then you know what to expect with this one. The book follows the familiar format, it details out the machinery used, the troops, the division make up of the topic in the armed forces, a few interviews and it ends with some fictionalized short...

  • Politika (Tom Clancy's Power Plays)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    I would recommend this book to anyone out there who doesn't currently know a great deal about strategic and corporate warfare in the 21st century. The book is a rather grand book for those who haven't read a Tom Clancy book before; I feel it is a great introduction into Tom Clancy's style. The plot...

  • Cybernation (Tom Clancy's Net Force, No. 6)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Overall I thought the book was excellent. The book kept me on my toes thinking about what was going to happen. The book was action packed with not only the whole gun slinging scene but also in the scence of how Tom portrayed the world years from now. I love how he made everything electonic. and how...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center Balance of Power
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    I thought this book was a little hard to get started with but when you got to the end it started geting better and better. It is about how a leader is corrupting spain and op-center is taking drastic measures to take him out. alot of action more and suspense but not one of tom clancys best books...

  • Tom Clancy's Power Plays: Cold War
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    A 3-star rating for most writers is an accomplishment. Anything with Clancy's name on it implies, at least, tacit approval from Clancy. Since this was actually written by someone else (as a number of Clancy created series are), it would appear that Clancy has begun to care more for the money his...

  • State of Siege (Tom Clancy's Op-Center, 6)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    An interesting and enjoyable book. I skipped most of the parts narrated from the hostage-takers' point of view and concentrated on the parts about Paul Hood and his family, which engaged me from the start and made me want to find out how the book ended. I didn't expect Nobel Prize-caliber literary...

  • Gameprey (Tom Clancy's Net Force; Young Adults, No. 11)
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    The dragon soars above the trees. The sun reflects of the multitude of scales covering the huge beasts back. It's great wings stretch as they beat against the air propelling the creature forward.....

    This Tom Clancy created book is an easy read and is entertaining.

    This series of books is aimed...

  • Ssn
    By Tom Clancy - from Berkley Pub Group.
    Mr. Clancy deserves to be congratulated for making us buy this book. To me, Red Storm Rising is the preeminent Clancy book on unrestricted warfare, and nothing could top that novel in the technothriller genre. However, SSN promised to replicate a bit of the action, drama and suspense that Red...

  • Tom Clancy's Op-Center: Tom Clancy's Op-Center, Tom Clancy's Op-Center (Ii): Mirror Image, Tom Clancy's Op-Center (Iii): Games of State
    Box of books - from Berkley Pub Group.

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