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  The Deptford Trilogy : Fifth Business/the Manticore/World of Wonders "Who killed Boy Staunton?"

This is the question that lies at the heart of Robertson Davies's elegant trilogy comprising Fifth Business, The Manticore, and World of Wonders. Indeed, Staunton's death is the central event of each of the three novels, and Rashomon-style, each circles round to view it... Read more

  Fifth Business An enchanting saga told in great story telling tradition
I had never heard of Robertson Davies until I discovered "Fifth Business", the first instalment of the "Deptford Trilogy", from a recommended book list and what a great reading experience it turned out to be. Davies writes in a style highly reminiscent of the great late 19th and... Read more

  The Cunning Man : A Novel Admirers of the late actor James Mason will delight in the narrative gifts of Frederick Davidson, who also projects a delicious irony in the instrument of his voice. And what better material to give expression to that talent than Robertson Davies's, Canada's most prodigious ironist. THE CUNNING MAN... Read more

  The Cornish Triliogy : The Rebel Angels/What's Bred in the Bone/the Lyre of Orpheus Woven around the pursuits of the energetic spirits and erudite scholars of the University of St. John and the Holy Ghost, this dazzling trilogy of novels lures the reader into a world of mysticism, historical allusion, and gothic fantasy that could only be the invention of Canada's grand man of... Read more

  The Salterton Trilogy : Tempest-Tost, Leaven of Malice and a Mixture of Frailties Lightly humorous, a great introduction to Davies
This trilogy was the first I read of Robertson Davies. I went on to read the Deptford trilogy and the Cornish trilogy as well as other assorted works. These three books are definitely a great introduction to his style. One thing that Davies excels at is characterization, and these books... Read more

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