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Armistead Maupin

  Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" has blazed a trail through popular culture--from a groundbreaking newspaper serial to a classic novel to a television event that millions watched around the world. The first of six novels about the denizens of the mythic apartment house at 28 Barbary Lane, Tales is both a wry comedy of manners and a deeply involving portrait of a vanished era. Armistead Maupin is the author of "Tales of the City", "More Tales of the City", "Further Tales of the City", "Babycakes", "Significant Others", "Sure of You", and "Maybe the Moon." The novels in his Tales sequence have been made into television miniseries for both PBS and Showtime. Mr. Maupin currently lives in San Francisco.

"A consummate entertainer who has made a generation laugh...It is Maupin's Dickensian gift to be able to render love convincingly." -- Edmund White, Times Literary Supplement


  Tales of the City (Tales of the City Series, V. 1)

Since 1976, Maupin's Tales of the City has etched itself upon the hearts and minds of its readers, both straight and gay. From a groundbreaking newspaper serial in the San Francisco Chronicle to a bestselling novel to a critically acclaimed PBS series, Tales (all six of them) contains the... Read more


  More Tales of the City

"An extended love letter to a magical San Francisco."
--New York Times Book Review

The tenants of 28 Barbary Lane have fled their cozy nest for adventures for afield. Mary Ann Singleton finds love at sea with a forgetful stranger, Mona Ramsey discovers her doppleganger in a desert whore-house, and Michael Tolliver bumps into a certain gynecologist in a seedy Mexican Bar. Meanwhile, their venerable landlady takes the biggest journey of all'without ever leaving home.

Few works of fiction have blazed a trail through popular culture like Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City series. Since its publication... Read more


  Further Tales of the City (Tales of the City Series, V. 3)

The calamity-prone residents of 28 Barbary Lane are at it again in this deliciously dark novel of romance and betrayal. While Anna Madrigal imprisons an anchorwoman in her basement, Michael Tolliver looks for love at the National Gay Rodeo, DeDe Halcyon Day and Mary Ann Singleton track a charismatic psychopath across Alaska, and society columnist Prue Giroux loses her heart to a derelict living in San Francisco park.


  28 Barbary Lane

Armistead Maupin's uproarious and moving Tales of the City novelsthe first three of which are collected in the is omnibus editionhave earned a unique niche in American literature, not only as matchless entertainment, but as indelible documents of cultural change in the seventies and eighties.

When originally serialized in the San Francisco Chronicle, Tales of the City (1978), More Tales of the City (1980) and Futher Tales of the City (1982) afforded a mainstream audience of millions its first exposure to straight and gay characters experiencing on equal terms the follies of urban life.

Among the cast of this groundbreaking saga are the lovelorn residents of 28 Barbary Lane: the bewildered but aspiring Mary Ann Singleton, the libidinous Brain Hawkins; Mona Ramsey, still in a sixties trance, Michael "Mouse" Tolliver, forever in bright-eyed pursuit of Mr. Right; and their marijuana-growing landlady, the indefatigable Mrs. Madrigal.

Hurdling barriers both social and sexual, Maupin leads them through heartbreak and triumph, through mail-biting terrors and gleeful coincidences. The result is a glittering and addictive comedy of manners that continues to beguile new generations of readers.


  Babycakes (Tales of the City Series, V. 4)

When an ordinary househusband and his ambitious wife decide to start a family, they discover there's more to making a baby then meets the eye. Help arrives in the form of a grieving gay neighbor, a visiting monarch,... Read more


  Significant Others (The Tales of the City Series, V. 5)

Tranquillity reigns in the ancient redwood forest until a women-only music festival sets up camp downriver from an all-male retreat for the ruling class. Among those entangled in the ensuing mayhem are a lovesick nurseryman, a panic-stricken philanderer and the world's most beautiful fat woman. Significant Others is Armistead Maupin's cunningly observed meditation on marriage, friendship, and sexual... read more


  Sure of You (Tales of the City Series, V. 6)

A fiercely ambitious TV talk show host finds she must choose between national stardom in New York and a husband and child in San Francisco. Caught in the middle is trheir longtime friend, a gay man whose own future nis even more uncertain. Wistful and compassionate, yet subversively funny, Sure of You could only come from Armistead Maupin.


More Books by Armistead Maupin

articles and reviews


`More Tales' A Celebration Of the City


If PBS' ``Tales of the City'' caused a stir in Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma, then ``More Tales of the City'' would bring Florida, Alabama, Utah and several counties in Indiana into the ruckus, guaranteed. Sputtering and fuming, too.

But Armistead Maupin's ``Tales of the City'' sequel, which cheerfully revels in everything that gives so much of America the screaming willies about San Francisco, is involuntarily bypassing PBS and running instead on the Showtime pay-cable channel... [more]


netLibrary is pleased to welcome you this evening to an interactive discussion with Armistead Maupin, author of "the Tales of the City series", "Maybe the Moon", and the forthcoming "The Night Listener".

Tonight's chat is the first in our series celebrating freedom of speech and the continuing need to fight censorship. When the miniseries based on his first Tales of the City novel was aired in the U.S. in 1994, it garnered widespread critical acclaim & the highest ratings ever recorded for a PBS drama series. It was honored with a Peabody Award, two Emmy nominations and Best Miniseries recognition from the National Board of Review. Vilified by antigay groups and officially condemned by the legislatures of Georgia and Oklahoma, it ignited a national debate about Artistic Freedom and homophobia. People for the American Way called the program "the single most prominent political target of the Religious Right in 1994."
... [more]

from SALON BOOKS - Sept. 6, 2000

Citizen of the world
Armistead Maupin talks about getting divorced, the self-ghettoization of gay lit and the strange, true story behind his new novel of suspense.

By Laura Miller

For a writer whose first book is so well-loved that people actually ask to be buried with it, follow-up can be tough. Armistead Maupin's "Tales of the City" series (which originally began as a newspaper serial) has preoccupied most of the author's professional life -- he's worked on two miniseries based on the books -- for the past decade or so. There was 1992's "Maybe the Moon," a Hollywood novel narrated by a dwarf actress, but it's only now that Maupin has returned to mining his own life for fiction...[more]



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